Working together

Published 6:51 pm Friday, June 3, 2011

Wednesday’s capture of a prison inmate who escaped from a work detail was another example of our local and area law enforcement working together when it counts the most.

While the inmate who escaped was not serving time for any violent offenses, the simple knowledge of a prison inmate on the loose naturally creates considerable concern from everyone who hears about it or lives nearby.

The quick response of Sheriff’s deputies from Decatur and Seminole County, Decatur County Prison Warden Elijah McCoy’s staff, Georgia State Troopers and others led to the escapee being found within a few hours. Even though no one was harmed, it’s good to know how much resources our local authorities can bring into play to ensure citizens’ safety.

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Another example of law enforcement, and even citizens, working together was the arrest of five people who were suspected of passing or attempting to pass counterfeit currency at seven local businesses. An Attapulgus store employee’s close observation description of the suspects, and in turn, her report to Sheriff’s deputies, helped Bainbridge Public Safety make the arrests.

Which just goes to prove that no matter how clever criminals might be, the power of concerned, responsible citizens and the dedication of those who work to protect the public can prevail.