It is time

Published 5:59 pm Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It is time for President Obama and Democrats who support his thinking to start admitting what they really are, what they are really doing and what they really want America to became Democrats be yourself!

Tell it like it is!

1. Push more socialist health care. It will make you as European.

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2. Forget any debt limits. Borrow, tax and spend.

3. More rights to terrorists. They will both love you and kill you for it.

4. Support more liberal judges who make liberal laws from the bench.

5. Stop drilling for oil and gas in America.

6. Stop building refineries in America.

7. Support same sex marriages in the military.

8. Stop school children from saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

9. Fund more new government welfare programs.

10. Trash the Tea Party. How dare they call for honesty and open government.

11. There is no more government waste or fraud for Republican to find.

12. Stop the Republicans from trying to establish the proper role of the Supreme Court in American life, and return it to our founders original intent.

Informed voters now know what Obama believes in and what the Democratic leadership believes in and will support. Obama does not have to fake it anymore. Taxpayers get the big picture and the new taxes that comes with it! Voters bought his hope and change. What they got was more Washington power and control over their lives.

Enough is enough!

Obama depends on keeping many of the voters who elected him being dumbed-down or politically ignorant. There is no second chance to get it right in Washington come the 2016 election!

Voters need to get it right now in the 2012 elections! Is President Obama betting that billion dollar campaign fund he is raising answers the question: “Can I fool them again in 2012?” You decide.

Question of the day: Have Obama and the Democrat leadership devised schemes where parents are stealing future earnings from their children? What do you call Obama care and entitlement programs that pass on to our children and grandchildren these massive debt obligations for generations to come? Is it stealing from our children or just spreading the debt around? You decide.

Guy Barber

Bainbridge, Ga.