Worshipping Jesus Christ

Published 6:12 pm Friday, May 6, 2011

Scripture: Revelation 4:1-11

Aim: To help motivate the pupil to devoted, spiritual worship of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Golden Text: “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created” (Revelation 4:11).

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Were there no other statements in the Holy Scriptures concerning Jesus Christ, this statement regarding the person, character and power of Jesus Christ should be enough to move any and all persons to humble submission and devotion to Him. In this passage we have a picture of the worship of Jesus Christ by those representing angels (heavenly beings), and men, both Jew and Gentile. All persons shall ultimately bow in submission and worship in awe at the feet of Jesus Christ! It shall be done either now, willingly, or, in the future under divine requirement. It is obvious that the best position is to humble self now, submit to Christ and serve Him as Lord.

We see in this study worship and surrender to the Lord of All by those in Heaven. This should be an example to each of us as we live our life in this world.

I. John is called up to Heaven in order to receive the revelation of God for men (Revelation 4:1). Whether in a vision, or in person, the result is the same. John the Apostle is transported from earth into Heaven itself. He is immediately taken up by the Holy Spirit into Heaven and advised that he will be shown things which must come to pass in the future.

II. John has a revelation of The Lord God Almighty on the throne (Revelation 1:5; 4:2-9). First, John sees to Lord God Almighty sitting upon the throne (cf. vs. 2 & 8).

Second, the throne and its atmosphere is revealed (vs. 3, 5-6). The beauty and splendor of God’s throne is described with rainbows and precious jewels. This extols the beauty and value of God on His throne. None is like Him, and none can compare with Him.

Third, the Holy Trinity is revealed. The Father is on the throne (vs. 2). The Holy Spirit is before the throne (vs. 5). Jesus Christ, the Son of God is the Lamb of God (5:9-10).

III. Those who are serving and worshipping Jehovah God are revealed (Revelation 4:3, 6-10). The beasts may be heavenly creatures which represent angels, or, and, spirits representing Jesus Christ (All four beasts characterize the Son).

Secondly, there are human beings represented by the 24 elders. The angels worship and serve God (vs. 5-10). The redeemed, represented by the 24 elders, worship and serve God (vs. 4, 10-11).

In verse 10 there is submission to God (fall down before Him), subscription to God (worship), surrender to God (devotion, cast crowns before throne), and the declaration that He is the “worthy” One (vs. 10-11).

IV. Jesus Christ is the Worthy One (4:11; 5:9-13). He was slain for sinners, He redeems sinners by His blood, He died for all peoples, He makes all believers “priests and kings,” and the redeemed shall “reign” with Him on the earth (5:9-10).

In the end all shall worship the Lord Jesus Christ, the divine Son of God. He is the Worthy One. He will receive power, riches, wisdom, strength, honour, glory and blessing (5:12). Every creature in Heaven and earth, and under the earth, shall praise Him saying, “Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever” (5:13).

All creation shall bow in submission and worship in surrender to the Lordship and God-ship of Jesus Christ. At His feet all shall bow, all in Heaven and earth, and all in total submission and declaration the “He is Lord, He is Lord!” Why not do so now, while mercy is still available?

Howard Tillery is the pastor of New Ochlocknee Baptist Church in Grady County. He lives in Cairo.