Humane Society needs support

Published 5:52 pm Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I hope the articles and letters aren’t going to end concerning the county and our Humane Society!

It seems we have momentary “shocks” and “interests” that quickly go by the wayside and are never to be heard from again. You, the public, need to know that the Humane Society needs money to support animals left in their control and the county commissioners need to know this is not a “charity” organization, but a necessary and needed service to its citizens and the helpless creatures they house.

Please re-read Pam Immendorf’s wonderful letter to the editor, which was on page 5A of the April 27 edition, and don’t let the “shock’s” and “interests” you might have been feeling go by the wayside.

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Barbara P. Snell

Bainbridge, Ga.