City looking at speed bumps

Published 7:42 pm Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Bainbridge City Council is considering some rule changes that could make it easier for citizens to request that speed bumps be installed along the street they live on.

The most significant of the proposed changes would stretch out the maximum traffic count allowed for streets to be able to qualify for speed bumps, also known as “traffic-calming devices.”

The city’s current ordinance states that speed bumps could only be put onto streets with no more than 300 vehicles traveling on it per day.

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City officials found out that the typical residential street the ordinance is meant to apply to has much more daily traffic, City Planner Dustin Dowdy told the council.

For example, Dowdy said, Potter Street gets about 566 vehicles per day; the portion of E. Alice Street near Grace Christian Academy gets about 506 vehicles per day; and Loblolly Lane, a half-mile street off Vada Road, gets about 1020 vehicles per day.

The new rules would adjust the maximum, two-way traffic count to a range between 500-1500 vehicles per day.

At its Tuesday night meeting, the council heard an overview of the changes; they’ll take a final vote on May 17.