Questions BC’s graduation date

Published 6:32 pm Friday, April 29, 2011

This is about our Bainbridge College graduates and their families.

I am very proud to say I am the mother of one of these hard-working, accomplished people. Her family will be able to attend at the odd date for graduation.

But, there are graduates for this date (Thursday, May 12). Most of the families have taken off on Friday, so they could attend, made arrangements, work, child care, plane tickets, etc.

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As you well know, everyone is not from Bainbridge. It only made sense for Friday so they could attend.

Why did you do this to these wonderful people?

Was it just for the handful that can jump on a plane or go on a nice vacation?

Well, wake up! This is why they are there. To advance their lives.

We in the real world are not rich. Is it just for the ignorance of superstition, Friday 13th? Oh, come on why should all these hard-working students be without their families. They are so proud of them, on such an important day in their life.

This is just not acceptable to all I’ve spoken to. I am not alone.

Thank about the grads and their families, please.

A very proud mom.

Lois Rowan

Attapulgus, Ga.