State jurors to report March 29

Published 11:50 am Thursday, March 17, 2011

The State Court Jurors of the March term should report on Tuesday, March 29, at 1:30 p.m. to the Decatur County Courthouse, located at 112 W. Water St.


Eric L. Atkinson, Tameka Y. Austin, Jeffery L. Barber, Jessica Bhola, Kathy S. Bradford, Catherine C. Brooks, Susie L. Buggs, Tena M. Butler, Tara  Campbell, Learom Carter, Larry W. Chapman, Lawrence S. Culverson Jr., Jason P. Davis, Sherri D. Dollar, Kristin D. Edwards, Melody C. Finley, Jeffery A. Gainous, Marian M. Genovar, Betty L. Godwin, Quentin H. Green, Anjannett G. Griffin, Threasa D. Hall, Chris A. Hobbs,, Latasher R. Howard, Latoria M. Jackson, Allen L. Johnson Sr., Dale W. Johnson,, Latasha  Johnson, Sheila D. Kirbo, Jamie L. Kornmeier, Ramona J.  Livingston, Joshua A. Long, Kevin E. Manley, Ricky E. Marchese, Billy R. McConnell, Karen B. Medina, Betty Miller, Thomas W. Monk, J. J. Moore, Cheryl O. Murphy, Sonja C. Parris, Eric L. Pickren, Linda D. Reed, Thomas W. Reeves, Libby M. Rentz, Allen L. Rich, Lachanda S. Roberts, Sean H. Schuyler, Sarah W. Screen, Mary F. Shedrick, David M. Snow, Jimmy H. Spooner, Janice M. Stokes, Mary A. Stroud, Erma A. Thomas, Karen S. Toole, James R. White Sr., Sandra R. Wilkinson and Linda D. Williams

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