Tired of litter?

Published 10:28 am Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Keep Decatur County Beautiful

Everyone can make a difference. If you’ve been littering or allowing those in your home or vehicle to litter, stop!

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Decide to do your part for the environment and a litter-free community. Change your thinking from “Someone else will do it” to “I can do that!” and take action on litter today!

Many of you have asked about having your club, Sunday school class, family, etc., adopt a mile of highway. A representative from the Georgia Department of Transportation will be at Decatur County Administration Building at 203 W. Broughton St. on Thursday, March 24, at 1 p.m. to talk about this and help groups sign up. If interested, give us a call and make plans to join us.

Following are tips for personal action on litter:

1. Don’t leave it to someone else! Carry a litter bag when out for a walk and pick up litter instead of leaving it in the street or gutters.

2. Never hose or blow litter, leaves or debris down into gutters and drains as it finally ends up polluting our natural waterways through the storm water system. Use a broom to sweep paved areas instead.

3. When out and about, make sure your waste goes in the public bins, not beside it. Alternatively, take your litter home, especially when visiting parks and gardens. Wind and animals scavenging in bins often inadvertently create litter. Carry a litterbag in your car for collecting trash.

4. Make sure your waste is secure in your bin so it cannot blow away.

5. Dispose of cigarette butts either in a bin, public butt bins or carry your own personal ashtray. Personal ashtrays are available from Keep Decatur County Beautiful, which you may contact at (229) 246-3611 or bdckab@surfsouth.com.

6. Call numbers on junk mail and ask to be removed from their mailing lists.

7. Secure your load when transporting any materials to ensure trash and items don’t fly off. The same applies for boats while on the water and during transport.

8. Pick up at least one piece of trash each day. Learn to be aware and make those around you aware.