Is it possible to pay my utility bill online?

Published 2:01 pm Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not only is it possible to pay your utility bill online, but the city’s Web site,, allows you to pay for fines and licenses as well as to submit requests for many city services.

On the city’s homepage under “Quick Links,” you’ll find links to both online payments and online service requests. On the online payments page, you can choose to pay your utility bill, occupational license, alcohol license and even traffic fines. You will need a pin number in order to pay your utility bill online, but that can easily be obtained on the same page.

The online service requests page is a great way to stay connected with your city government. Here, you can report incidents using our anonymous crime tip link or even stray animals. You can report potholes or street sign and traffic signal issues. If you are moving, you can also request utility service here, either to transfer it, open a new account or terminate your account. If you are opening a business, you can even fill out your occupational tax application here.

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The city’s Web site is a great resource for all kinds of information, but especially for online payments and requests. It is just another way the City of Bainbridge is working to make our citizen’s lives easier and stay connected to them. The city also has a facebook page,, and a blog,, where we give updates and information to our citizens.

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Mayor Edward Reynolds