Man charged in car break-ins

Published 12:53 pm Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bainbridge police assisted Decatur County Sheriff’s deputies in arresting a suspect in several car break-ins after he tried to flee on Wednesday.

Sheriff’s investigators Jason Williams and Terry Phillips went to the residence of Reginald Tavarous Colston, 21, 168 Melissa Drive, Bainbridge, to talk with him.

Colston answered the door and spoke briefly with investigators before asking them if he could go inside to get his cell phone, so that he could go to the Sheriff’s Office for further interview.

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The deputies consented, but Investigator Williams became suspicious that Colston was taking too long inside. As Williams went around the back of the residence, he heard Investigator Phillips shout for Colston to halt, as the suspect had climbed out of a window and took off running.

With the help of a parole officer and BPS Officer Pat Bryant, deputies chased down Colston and took him into custody. Colston is charged with four counts of entering an auto and misdemeanor obstruction of an officer.

According to deputies, the break-ins Colston is suspected of committing all happened in West Bainbridge, around Dothan and Zorn roads.