Christ is transfigured

Published 2:38 pm Friday, February 11, 2011

Scripture: Mark 9:2-13

Aim: To help the pupil understand that Jesus Christ is both God and Man.

Golden Text: “And there was a cloud that overshadowed them: and a voice came out of the cloud, saying, ‘This is my beloved Son: hear Him'” (Mark 9:7).

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The Heavenly Father, Almighty God, gave three personal affirmations from Heaven to men on the earth that Jesus Christ is His Divine Son.

The first affirmation is given at the baptism of the Lord Jesus Christ by John the Baptist (Matthew 3:16-17; Mark 1:9-11; Luke 3:21-22).

The Holy Spirit, in the form of a dove, descended upon Jesus after the baptism, and God announced publicly and verbally that Jesus is the Son of God, in Whom God the Father is well pleased.

The third announcement by God was given when Jesus was getting ready to go to the cross and be crucified.

Jesus said, “For this cause came I unto this hour. Father glorify thy name.”

God spoke from Heaven, “I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again” (John 12:27-28).

The second announcement came at the transformation of Jesus (Matthew 17:5; Mark 9:7; Luke 9:35). In all three of the synoptic gospels, the Father declares He is “well-pleased” with Jesus.

1. Jesus took Peter, James, and John with him up Mount Hermon (vs. 2).

2. Jesus was “transfigured” (vs. 2-3). His clothing began to shine, “exceeding white as snow; so as no fuller on earth can white them” (vs. 3). Luke says His raiment became “white and dazzling” (Luke 9:29). Matthew says, “His face did shine as the sun, and his garments became white as the light” (Matthew 17:2).

3. Elijah and Moses appeared and talked to Jesus (Mark 9:4). Luke adds that the two appeared in “glory,” and they talked to Jesus about His coming death in Jerusalem (Luke 9:30-31).

4. Up to this point, the disciples had been asleep (Luke 9:32). They awoke amazed that Jesus, Moses and Elijah were shinning with a heavenly glow as they were talking together! Peter later referred to this event (II Peter 1:17).

5. Peter interrupted them with an “off the cuff suggestion” (Mark 9:5-6). He said that it is good to be there. He further suggested that they build three tabernacles there—one for each of the three. Peter was beyond the understanding or the way of expressing properly the situation. It appears that he may be running a little “scared,” at least completely ignorant of the situation.

6. God interfered by speaking from a cloud over the mountain (Mark 9:7). He said, “This is my beloved Son: hear Him.” Whatever else any person does, he ought to listen to the words and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. He alone gives the way of eternal life. He alone offers men the forgiveness and cleansing from their sins. Men ought to “hear” Jesus Christ!

Suddenly the Voice was quiet. The prophets were gone. The glistening presence of Jesus was returned to His daily appearance. Now there were only four “men” Jesus, Peter, James and John. Jesus gives them a command, which was obeyed, although the disciples did not understand. They were to tell no one about their experience on the mount until after His resurrection (vs. 9-10)!

The disciples asked if Elijah was going to return (vs. 11). Jesus answered that John the Baptist was the Elijah promised. He has come and the leaders have dealt with him (vs. 12-13).

We have here a revelation that reinforces the reason, the purpose, for the coming of Christ into this world. He, the Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit were working to procure eternal Salvation by grace through faith in the death and work of Jesus Christ.

Praise God for the salvation provided for sinners through Jesus Christ’s death. Amen!