Ask the Mayor

Published 2:23 pm Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Teenagers keep speeding through my neighborhood, and I’m concerned for my child’s safety while she’s playing outside. Is there anything the city can do to slow down speeders in my neighborhood?

Bainbridge Public Safety has been doing a great job at patrolling in neighborhoods where speeding is a problem and making them safer for everyone. However, BPS cannot be in every neighborhood all the time.

Last year, the City Council passed an ordinance regarding traffic calming devices (speed humps) in residential neighborhoods. Traffic calming devices are a great way to safely reduce vehicle speeds in neighborhoods.

Any citizen can request a traffic calming device in their neighborhood, as long as certain requirements are met. First, the street must be used to adjoin residential properties. The street should be only two lanes, service less than 300 vehicles per day, and have a posted speed limit lower than 30 mph. The street must also be paved and at least 1,000 feet long.

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If your neighborhood meets these requirements, you can then fill out an application. You must also submit a petition signed by at least 67 percent of property owners on the street requesting the installation of the traffic calming devices. Once your application and petition are received, the Public Safety, Public Works and Utilities departments will check to be sure the street is acceptable and the city staff will complete a design of the traffic calming device. After all of that is completed, it must then be approved by the City Council.

You can find more information about requesting a traffic calming device and the requirements for one on the city’s Web site, Once there, under “Quick Links” on the right side of the page, click “Forms and Applications.” There, you will find the filed named “Traffic Calming Device Installation Policy.”

For more questions, you can contact Dustin Dowdy, assistant to the City Manager at (229) 248-2000 ext. 122.

Mayor Ed Reynolds