Shining examples

Published 5:05 pm Friday, January 28, 2011

The annual Chamber of Commerce awards night celebrates all that is good about a community.

Naming the Man and Woman of the Year and recognizing others who selflessly dedicate their spare time and resources to work on service projects and provide aid to those in need is always a heartfelt experience. Their lives serve as shining examples to us all.

The selections this year are no exception. Whose day isn’t made better by an encounter with the friendly, can-do spirit of Billy Simmons? To quote his friend, Joe Crine, “Billy doesn’t let his condition bother him one bit. He just enjoys life.” How many of us can make the same claim?

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As for Charlotte Howard, the love and devotion shown by her daughters who nominated her, is echoed by the many who come in contact with her on a daily basis. She and Karon Elwell, who received the Community Service award, both deserve our praise and thanks for what they do.

Reviewing the list of former winners recognized by the Chamber of Commerce over the years, one soon recognizes the many contributions made by the leaders of the day to Bainbridge and Decatur County. This is definitely a better place to live because of their accomplishments, and although many have passed on, they remain an inspiration to those who carry on their good works.

Although only one man and woman of the year can be named each year, there are countless others who are hard-working and deserving of nomination and recognition.

Let us all strive to follow their examples.