Cawvey is a hero

Published 6:42 am Wednesday, January 19, 2011

At their Tuesday meeting, the Bainbridge City Council recognized Marty Cawvey, an operator at the city’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, for dedication to both his job and for an act of heroism.

Early on the morning of Dec. 3, Cawvey was helping his co-worker, R.W. McDowell, wash down final settling basins when McDowell slipped and fell into the basin. Cawvey lowered himself into the basin, grabbed his co-worker and pulled him to safety.

“Mr. Cawvey is never one to back away from an assignment and never one not to help or assist his fellow employees,” said Ronnie Parish, City of Bainbridge Utilities director.

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Not only did Cawvey put himself in a position to be able to rescue his coworker by arriving at work early, he also made the brave decision to put himself in danger by entering the icy cold wastewater.

The city rightfully recognized Cawvey for going beyond the normal bounds of his work and saving the life of a co-worker.