Easier to learn hunting than fishing

Published 2:55 pm Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We are trying to finish up the hunting season and begin the fishing season.

We need the weather to cooperate with us, and it is doing its best to not do that. Mother Nature is telling us that if we want warm weather just wait until the summer comes along and we will most probably have all that we want.

We mentioned a couple of weeks ago about the excessive cold during December. So far in January, there has been no change. The cold is hanging in and not showing any signs of letting up. We have had snow here in Bainbridge in the past during January and February. It has been a number of years since snow has remained on the ground, but it can and will. Flurries are more common in deep south Georgia and that usually will harm nothing or no one.

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I was talking with Billy Reynolds last week and he was telling me about his two daughters taking their share of the deer. Both had gotten bucks in the top grade of bucks taken this season. Also, one of them had taken a doe that was larger than most of the bucks I have seen killed this year. One of the girls was shooting a .44 magnum, which is a good woods weapon. It shoots a 240-grain bullet that can actually rip through a limb and remain on course to get that deer.

If she was a big girl, she could shoot a 444 Marlin rifle, knocking aside even bigger limbs just to get to the 10-point buck. Both of these weapons can shoot big, heavy bullets, but that extra 4 on the 444 means something. A larger casing so it holds more powder to send the projectile on a little farther and a little faster. Just remember, for it to kick on the front end, it must also kick on the back end.

Now if Billy will teach those girls to fish the grass on Lake Seminole like he has taught them to hunt deer, they will be prepared for life. It is easier to learn to deer hunt than it is to fish. There is no one that expects you to kill a deer everytime that you go hunting. But of those same folks, every one of them expect a person to catch some fish everytime that they go to the lake. If you throw back most of your catch when you get to go fishing, sooner or later folks will give you credit for catching a lot of fish everytime you go because, “He who tosses what he catches comes back to live and fight another day.” Then you can go fishing and have a good time—all the pressure of catching fish is lifted from you.

My neighbor took off a few days just before the 10th and loaded the boat with some mighty big bream. Most folks won’t even fish for bream or shellcracker—as cold as it has been—but he acted like he didn’t know that. He and his wife and her grown son got just a few fish shy of their three-person limit. There is no doubt that the Sunday School class will be having a fish fry in the next few days and the area will be smelling good.

While you are looking for gun cleaning supplies to clean your guns to put them away until next season, might as well pick up a few hooks and leads to start getting in shape for fishing season. It will be here before you know it and it is always best to be ready.