Winter weather patterns

Published 9:31 pm Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It is surely the year 2011 and we will contend with it whatever it brings. 2010 wasn’t bad and a continuation of it would be OK with most folks, but we want more and better for ourselves and our families.

The last of December right on into the first of January has found fish in a mood to bite. A few fishermen have obliged them by thinning their numbers down a little. These back-and-forth, hot-and-cold days are just typical winter weather patterns in the South. Fish, as well as game, react to these changing weather patterns and then after a while they get more used to them. Winter weather patterns are typically about a week long, so if it starts out raining on the weekends, there is a good chance it will do that almost every weekend. It might change, but usually doesn’t.

A few of the hunters are hot and heavy after the deer that want to give themselves up this season. We are in the last few days of legally hunting them, so if you still have tags to be filled, you best get right on it. Of course you can go to Alabama and parts of Florida as the season is still going in those places. I don’t know about a challenge, as I had rather kill a dumb stupid old deer—it makes for an easier day.

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Another thing about this hunting season is we have had the cold weather at times that most hunters wanted it. Then we have had a number of mild days that most of us wait for, leaving the cold days to the young and tough hunters. There really have been days during this season that were meant to satisfy every hunter regardless of his or her preference. With dove and deer season over, hunters can hunt ducks for a few days. Then the small game seasons run until the end of February; they last longer because they are the least hunted.

While that is going on, the rest of us will begin to follow the fish on Lake Seminole and the other area lakes and ponds. If you haven’t been lately, it may take a trip or two or maybe even more to find a pattern and get on to some fish. However, once that is done, you just need to keep going every few days and keep up with the fish.

Of course, having done this over the years makes it easier every year. That is why the more experienced fishermen get off to an excellent start each and every year. Remember you get that experience by going and then sometimes, you luck up on the fish also.

I talked to two old boys from Colquitt over the weekend. They are excellent fishermen and one of them can also talk the fish into the boat. Those fish eat just as good as the ones with the hook marks in their face. They were telling me that they had caught a bunch of bass on a Little George. They also caught them deep as expected during this cold period. A Little George is a fish catching lure if fished properly, but you will lose many dollars worth of these lures learning how to properly fish them. Again it takes practice and experience, neither of which is available on dry land.

The outdoors is just before closing one facet of itself and also opening another. Stay healthy and well and with that we can enjoy another year, 2011, and what it has to bring. Have a great year.