Pelosi misrepresented health care

Published 2:10 pm Friday, January 7, 2011

Speaker Pelosi: “In the wealthiest nation on earth, it is scandalous that a single working American or a young child must face life without the economic security of health care coverage.”

This is political deceit. Former Speaker of the House Pelosi misrepresented the truth about health care in the United States and the reported 47 million Americans lacking health care coverage. One would suspect one of the things she was trying to accomplish was to round up thousands of voters for Democrats in the 2010 and 2012 elections.

In the 2006 Census Bureau reported there were 46.6 million people without health insurance. Of these 46.6 million, 9.5 million were not even United States citizens? There were 17 million who lived in households with incomes over $50,000 a year. There were 18 million between the ages of 18 and 34, many in good health and not necessarily in need of health insurance or chose not to purchase it. Only 30 percent of the non-elderly who became uninsured in a given year remained uninsured for more than 12 months. Some 50 percent regained their health coverage within four months.

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Why would Speaker Pelosi deceive Americans about health care? Could it be because both she and President Obama believe the majority of voters are ignorant or believe that they will receive a government benefit under Obama care when in reality the government would be rationing benefits.

Pelosi and Obama come to work every day with the idea of creating a culture of government dependency, which has more and more voters turning to Washington for answers, benefits and money. Self-reliance made America great! Government reliance will ruin us!

Thought for today: How much more unpaid debt will this generation continue to pile on our next two generations?

Guy Barber
Bainbridge, Ga.