Not wishing away a year

Published 10:57 am Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 is now a part of history, though not very distant history.

Some are glad to see 2010 go and others aren’t so sure. I am not one to wish away one year for another anymore because I learned my lesson back in 2005.

In 2004, a good friend got killed in an accident. His wife was devastated and it was tough on all of us. We talked about that year getting over and maybe the next one would be better. Ten days into the next year I had my heart attack, and it was a better year. I survived and it was a better year. She is doing much better also.

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My wife and I had talked about this winter back six months or so ago. A hot as the summer was we had expected that the winter had a very good chance of being colder than average. Looking back most of the fall season was warm and I began to think that we might be spared a really cold winter.

I was totally wrong as along came December and the cold with it. I guess along came Thanksgiving, which brought the cold and it forgot to leave and just visit for a day or two now and then. Winter comes along and we expect a few days of cold and a few days of warm weather with a lot of mild days. Maybe that part of the winter is yet to come as we haven’t had that yet.

In December we had one week with five days of cold weather and two days with not-so cold, though not warm. Then it went back to cold with a four-day cold spell and two not-so cold and one comfortable. What is normal for us is about two days of very cool weather and the other five days of that week really nice and warm with a day of rain on the warm days just to turn cool again. Maybe things will turn to what we think is normal any day now.

We really don’t have much time left in the hunting seasons and even less time in the major hunting seasons. If you feel that you have come out on the short end of the stick, you had better shift on into high gear as the dove season, as well as the deer season, won’t last may more days. The rut is continuing with this cold weather and the bucks are steady walking. You are apt to see one at any time in any place as they are trailing the does. This is where a good attracting scent may help you in an effort to get that deer. Tink’s 69 and Code Blue are excellent ones as are Triple Heat from Harmon’s deer scents. These three originated in the south, and I mean deep south, so we know that are good.

I did see a couple of good bucks last week, one from here and the other one from Seminole County though close to the county line. With me seeing those there would have been another 20 or 30 taken that week. Folks that have been hunting bucks are about ready to start taking deer to put in the freezer instead of being choosy in what they kill. A big doe steak taste a sight better that a bite of antler on during the rest of the winter and next spring. And very few folks are able to tell whether deer sausage is made from a buck or doe. A 30-degree morning and breakfast is one the table before daylight, good, low-fat deer sausage is something to behold as well as consume.

Deer season coming to an end means that most folks will again turn their thoughts to fishing season and the fishing tackle companies will introduce to the market the new products that they have developed just for you. When the weather gets right, you will be able to use the new stuff and feel confident that it will help you get a good stringer of fish.

Good Luck in the new year.