A new day is dawning

Published 10:51 am Friday, December 31, 2010

Scripture: Genesis 19:12-38

Aim: To encourage the pupil to dedicate himself to the Lord for His glory in 2011.

Golden Text: “The sun was risen upon the earth when Lot entered into Zoar” (Genesis 19:23).

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We are beginning a new year, 2011. Regardless of the things which transpired during the past year, this new year can be a year of blessings and blessedness. Did you end the old year with many problems and difficulties that you do not seem to find, or see, any answer as to “How will I ever get out, or over these things?” This is the case with many people. Lot is an example for us.

I. Lot lived in a city that was under the wrath of God (Genesis 19:12-13). Two angels came to Sodom, the city where Lot lived, and spent the night in Lot’s home. There was a commotion in the early evening as the men of Sodom wanted to have sexual relationships with the two new visitors who were staying with Lot. Sodom was a filled with wicked people.

Lot refused to deliver the men (angels) to them, offering his daughters in their place. The angels took over. They blinded the men who had come to commit their sin so they could not even find the door of the house!

The angels told Lot who they were, and they were sent to get him and his family out of Sodom before they destroyed it. Lot was a righteous man (one who knew God), however, he had moved to Sodom and made his life there. He became a leader who sat in the gate as a part of the governors of the city. He was a righteous man in the wrong place. He must leave or be destroyed.

Many today are in the same position. They are guilty of disobeying their God and Savior in order to live a life that God does not approve. They know better, but they justify themselves in some manner, continuing to live disobedient lives. They need deliverance much the same as Lot.

II. Lot was instructed to take his family and leave Sodom (Genesis 19:14-22). Lot tried. His two sons-in-law laughed at him refusing to leave (vs. 14). Lot was instructed to take his wife and two daughters and flee (vs. 15). He was to leave or suffer death with the sinners under judgment.

Lot lingered. The two angels took Lot, along with his wife and two daughters, out of the city (vs. 16). Lot held back, but God did not want to destroy Lot with the wicked.

Some today are entrenched in the affairs of this life and this world in a manner not pleasing to God. He would have them to “get out.” They know that, but they are not inclined to make the change God wants them to make. If they do not obey the Lord, they will reap great troubles!

The angels set Lot down in safety (vs. 16-22). They allowed Lot to go to Zoar because he requested it; however, Mrs. Lot was turned to a pillar of salt because she disobeyed the angels (vs. 17-22). As Lot entered Zoar, Sodom was destroyed by fire (vs. 23-28).

III. This was a new day for Lot and his two daughters (Genesis 19:23-38). First, they had a new opportunity to obey God and live a godly life. This is the beginning of a new year and each of us can begin and live a new life for the honor and glory of God, if we so choose.

Lot failed to take advantage of his new God given opportunity. He got drunk and fathered a child by each of his daughters. Moab and Ammon became bitter enemies of Israel, God’s people. The sin of God’s people may cause much harm and damage to others. They may not suffer very much, but someone will at some point. Sin and disobedience always has its consequences.

At the beginning of this New Year, let us confess our sins and failures to God. Let us ask Him to forgive and cleanse us that we may be pure before Him. Let us determine that by the grace of our God we will live in such a way that God will be glorified and we will be a spiritual blessing to all those around us. May God have mercy upon us. “God bless us, one and all” this new year!