Dowdy deserving of award

Published 2:56 pm Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In your Dec. 8 edition, there appeared an interesting article about Jeff Dowdy and his recognition nationally for the award bestowed on 10 librarians. I wish to add my congratulations to him.

Several months ago, I returned to Bainbridge where I was born and graduated from “the Old Bainbridge High School” (Class of 1946). I called the Bainbridge College library and a very pleasant-voiced man answered and after telling him what I needed, informed me that there were some publications of very old newspapers on record via computer that may be helpful to me. When I asked whom should I ask for when I came there, he said “Jeff.”

Shortly thereafter, I arrived at the library and asked for Jeff. The young lady made a call to “someone” and this young man came from his office. He was very pleasant, knowledgeable and seemed genuinely interested in helping me. I confessed that I was almost computer illiterate, and he was very patient in showing me (more than once) how to use the program.

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I learned that he was the librarian. I told him I thought he was pretty young and he said he was married and I believe had four children. I believe he told me he was from Bainbridge. He impressed me with his genuine desire to help me and left me with a very pleasant experience where I was definitely operating in unknown waters.

I thanked him before leaving but want to congratulate him on his recognition and award, and wish him all the good things in life. He is a credit to the college and to Bainbridge.

I also want to express my enjoyment in reading numerous articles that have appeared in your paper. I live in Jacksonville, Fla., and look forward to getting The Post-Searchlight and reading it once I do. I find the candor of the editorials refreshing, enjoyed John Cunningham’s column as well as Joyce Kramer’s articles. There’s a lot to be said for hometown newspapers.

Charles Valentine
Jacksonville, Fla.