A giving spirit

Published 2:54 pm Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Over the past few years, The Post-Searchlight has published several accounts of the generous, giving spirit of those who have been very successful in their careers. These folks have given, not only of their money, but of their time as well. The giving-spirit should be alive and well in all of us!

The economy is bad, no doubt, but if we have a roof over our heads, enough to eat, funds to give at least a small gift to our loved ones, and love from our family and friends, we are indeed blessed. That, my friends, qualifies us to be a givers!

As a child, I grew up on the far end of East Shotwell Street. My mother would pay for groceries with cash and sometimes send us back to place something on the shelf because she was short at the register. We were usually mortified! But we learned valuable lessons from those experiences.

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We also learned the spirit of giving when you had very little. It was not unusual for my mother to feed hobos on our back porch Sunday at lunch. The train would stop to fill up at the pipeline and word spread that one could get a meal at our house.

I knew Raymond Miles, who was one of the most generous, giving people. God blessed him and will continue to bless his family because of his generosity.

When I met the parents of James Butler, I understood why he has such a giving heart.

God has first place in his parents’ lives, and they passed it along to their son. When we allow God to assume his rightful place, first place, we will see a difference in our hearts. Until then, what we accomplish in life is just “stuff.” When the heart is right, it opens up not only one’s heart to others, but our wallets as well. Even if we have no extra money, most of us have time we can give.

Join with me, my husband and my children, as we commit to be givers any and everywhere we can, now and in the coming year!

Frances Thomas Gay
Bainbridge, Ga.