Sour grapes? You think?

Published 2:46 pm Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The recent letter from Rep. Sanford Bishop’s opponent in the November election made me thank God for “entrenched incumbents” and “gerrymandered districts.” The errors in “Bishop hasn’t changed” would be laughable if the writer didn’t believe them.

Rep. Bishop always stated that he opposed tax increases for those making less than $250K a year. The latest CBS poll reflected that 67 percent of the American people agreed with his position. Bishop supported the return to Clinton-era tax rates for the top 2 percent (remember the balanced budgets during the Clinton presidency).

As to Rep. Charlie Rangel, a fellow Republican member of the House also voted against censure, recommending instead a reprimand. He cited Rangel’s long service to his district and his earning the Silver Star in Korea.

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Finally, tell your children and grandchildren that our country is going to be just fine … we have pulled together in worse times.

Oh, and an “eked out” win is just as good as a landslide!

Tom Bush
Bainbridge, Ga.