Needs help to get son home

Published 2:11 pm Friday, December 3, 2010

The Christmas season is upon us and some of us are missing family members.

My husband and I are missing our son, Matt. He is the Air Force and currently stationed at McChord Air Force Base in Seattle, Wash. He has not been home for Christmas for three years now, and we would love for him to visit this year.

He is an exceptional son and man. Our pride in him is not as parents alone. He graduated from basic training with honors, graduated second in his class from engineering school, has served two years in Germany, six months in Afghanistan (where he earned the Naval Achievement Medal), and is due for deployment again in the spring.

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The cost to get him home to visit this year is going to be more than $800 and none of us can afford this cost. My husband lost his job at American Fibers, and we are having a hard time right now.

My question to you and the community leaders: Where can people go to get help? Who is even trying to show appreciation for our troops?

Putting out flags, markers and having parades are wonderful things to do. But what these brave people need is for this country, its corporations and businesses for stand up for them too. Help them get home at least once a year for a price that is within their budget.

No-one is asking for a handout; just a hand up!

Thank you,
Judy Paulk
Bainbridge, Ga.
Proud mother of an American veteran