God’s blessing to his people

Published 2:01 pm Friday, November 19, 2010

Scripture: Psalm 91

Aim: To help the pupil understand that Jehovah God is the constant God of His people.

Golden Text: “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” (Psalm 91:1).

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This is a wonderful Psalm that extols the supremacy of Jehovah God as the Keeper and Blesser of His people. It probably was written by Moses, as was Psalm 90. It reveals the position of Jehovah and His blessings to His people. It should help instill confidence in our Lord.

I. Psalmist gives the character of the relationship between Jehovah and His people (vs. 1-2). First, there is the characterization of Jehovah. He is the “most” High (no one or no thing is as exalted as He). He is the “Almighty” (there is no higher power or authority than His). He is Jehovah God (Lord, the being or becoming One. That is, He becomes whatever is needed by His people. They need salvation, He is Salvation. They need light, He is the Light. They need spiritual food, He is the Bread of Life, etc.). And lastly, He is God (the ever-living, eternally existing One. In Him is all life and existence.).

Next, He characterizes Jehovah’s people. God’s people “dwell” a secret place which belongs to God (a picture of the Holy of Holies in the tabernacle—God’s people dwell in God, vs. 1).

The believer has taken Jehovah God as his own personal Lord (vs. 2). He has made Christ his place of “refuge” from sin and judgment. He has God as his “fortress” for complete protection and security from sin and evil. He has made “God” his own personal God and has put his trust (dependence, reliance) in Him alone (vs. 2).

II. Psalmist expresses the care of Jehovah for His people (vs. 3-8). In this section we see that He delivers his people from the awful ravages and curse of sin (vs. 3). Jehovah protects (covers) all who trust in Him (vs. 4).

He secures the believer completely (vs. 5-8). The believer is secure at all times (vs. 5). He is secure in all dangers (vs. 6). He is secure in all circumstances (vs. 7-8). This security is a complete security in Jehovah God for all believers.

III. Psalmist expresses the constant protection and security Jehovah gives to the believer (vs. 9-13). First, the believer “dwells” in God (vs. 9).

Second, the believer is protected from all evil by Jehovah Himself (vs. 10).

Third, the believer has the divine protection of Jehovah’s angels to watch over him in all his ways (vs. 11), for complete protection (vs. 12-13). Only Jehovah’s protection of His people is sufficient for complete security. Those who trust in Him shall have it!

IV. Psalmist expresses the complete care and blessings of Jehovah’s watch care and love (vs. 14-16). Man’s part with God is seen in that he loves God (vs. 14a), that he knows God personally (vs. 14b), and that he continually calls upon the Lord (vs. 15a).

God’s part is extensive. He delivers him from sin and evil now and will “set him on high (carry him to heaven, vs. 14). God will answer the believer’s prayers, will be with him in trouble to deliver him, and honor him (vs. 15). He will satisfy with long life and an eternal home, (completed salvation (vs. 15).

With all that this Psalm teaches us, it is foolish for anyone to fail to surrender his heart and life to the Lord completely. Only He has, and can deliver, what is best for any who will trust Him.