Claims Obama is a farce

Published 6:55 pm Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In response to Mr. Tom Bush’s letter to the editor, Saturday, Nov. 6. Although I do not know Mr. Bush, I am sure he is a fine man; but in his comments he demonstrates the accuracy of Jim Smith’s column on how easily people allow themselves to be deceived.

At the end of my previous letter, I stated how the Democrats, and the Republicans, need to stop lying to the people, be truthful, and bring the (manufacturing) jobs back to America, because that is the only way to create meaningful jobs for the American people.

Mr. Bush criticized me for not being “informed” about a bill the House had sent to the Senate that would bring jobs back to America.

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Mr. Bush, politicians are by nature a very deceitful bunch, and their favorite pastime, and most pleasurable activity, is playing mind games with a naive public.

The House knew what would happen when they sent that bill to the Senate. They were not trying to do something good, they were posturing, and making themselves look good to the folks back home who don’t understand how their games work. If they had thought that bill had a gnats chance of passing, they would not have sent it. Can you not understand crooked politics?

And as for my comment about the president being a Muslim. Sir, please, how in this world can you believe him to be anything else? He most certainly is not a Christian.

Please read your Bible and learn what it says a Christian is. Mr. Obama does not qualify. Also, my mother always taught me that actions speak louder than words. Watch Mr. Obama’s actions, and words. Who does he constantly give honor to? The Muslims. Who does he distance himself from? Anything Christian.

Also, he is not an American either. He is a Kenyan that the Democrats have lied to the American people about, and shoved down our throat. Real, intelligent Americans do not want him.

Mr. Obama is a farce of the worst kind! If you think Mr. Obama is an American, where is the proof? He has never given any. If you think Mr. Obama is a Christian, where is the evidence?

He has never shown any. If you have proof that he is American, and Christian, then please, let’s have it.

Paul Jackson
Bainbridge, Ga.