Came around

Published 6:56 pm Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Growing up as a child I was never made to go to church but I went off and on. At the age 13, I was going regular and I started going to a Pentecostal church.

At the age of 14, I received baptism of the Holy Spirit and was so in love with God. As I got older I started venturing out and fell out of love with God. I became out of control and turned to sex and drugs.

My mom and dad had to put me in a dentition center and when I came out I moved in with my aunt and I started dating a guy and then ran away from home with him. I was living under bridges, motel to motel, without food or not even knowing where a meal was going to come from. I thought I was making the right choices in lifeā€”nope I was making all the wrong choices.

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I finally came home. Then I found my husband and we had a daughter in 2002. Need me to remind you I still am not in church yet. Then I had my second son in 2003. He came early. I was at six months. He weighed 2 pounds, 13 ounces and had to stay in the hospital for three months and came home for a week and caught RSV and had to go back in the hospital for three weeks.

In 2004 I turned to drugs and left my husband and was dragging two babies in the street. In that same year my dad passed away and it is so awesome how God works cause two days before he passed away he came and seen me because I wouldn’t go down there cause I was so ashamed. After that my husband and I got back together and I came back to Jesus and he washed my sins under the blood. I had another son in 2006 he was healthy on.

March 28, 2008, we were going to work and my husband was driving and it was real foggy. We couldn’t see nothing and he came around a curve. I screamed and he snatched the wheel and I flew 75 yards out the front windshield and landed on my left side and fractured everything. My face was scratched up. I had to learn how to walk again, and now honey I can run. I had to have a chest tube put in cause I had blood behind my lungs and then had to have three pints of blood given to me.

I had to stay in the hospital for three to four weeks. All the windows in my truck was busted out but where the kids was sitting and they was not in their carseats, they were just buckled down in the seat. My husband came out with nothing wrong with him either. God has a calling for me and I am here for a reason and I thank God for having mercy on me.

When I came home I started going back to church, but I was so frustrated because someone had to come get me, load me in the van and get me out and pick me up and set me off the van, so I stopped going.

Well, after three weeks passed, I was outside swinging my youngest son and I was still on my walker. I heard a cracking in the tree so I told the kids to get under the carport and as soon as I stepped on the carport a big limb smashed the chair I was sitting in. God was telling me, “Amanda get up and do what I told you to do.”

I went to work at Wal-Mart and met Rosietta George. Something told me to tell her my testimony, so I did. She said you need to tell the world about that, don’t keep it to yourself, tell the world. Not know what she was talking about cause I was just getting back to church and back into God I had no idea, but now I do and my calling is tell the world what God has brought you through. When I tell you Rosietta is a good woman of God, she is. When I call her she is there. When I call her and say I need prayer she is down praying. When I say I don’t understand she is explaining. That is the kind of Christian I want to be. She is so good.

So I am telling you, if you don’t know God you are missing a lot. He is so wonderful and can help you through a lot. If you don’t know God and you want to know him, e-mail me and I will help you

Lord I pray whoever is reading this is blessed and will be blessed.

Amanda McMillan
Bainbridge, Ga.