Jehovah God: The awesome God

Published 1:50 pm Friday, November 5, 2010

Scripture: Psalm 66: 1-12

Aim: To help the believer understand that God should be the object of worship and devotion by all.

Golden Text: “Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands: Sing forth the honor of His name: make His praise glorious” (Psalm 66:1-2).

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In these days men need to be brought back to the truth concerning Jehovah God. He alone is God. Besides Him there is no god. He is the supreme, eternal God of all persons and things in time and eternity. He alone is God. He is Jehovah God! Note the praise given in this Psalm.

I. Men are called to worship God (vs. 1-4). This includes every person everywhere. The call is for “all ye lands” to worship. The call is for all the actions of worship to be “unto God.” Everyone is called upon to “make a joyful noise” and to “sing forth” His honor and name (vs. 2).

He is to be praised with excitement, joy and personal submission (vs. 3). This worship is to include all “friends” and “enemies.” All men are called upon to acknowledge, submit and worship Jehovah God with singing, devotion and obedience (vs. 4).

II. Reasons are given for worshipping God (vs. 5-7). All are invited to “come and see” the works of God (vs. 5).

“The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth His handiwork” (Psalm 19:1).

Take a look around at nature. God has created a marvelous world. Look at the beauty and provisions for men in the fruits of the earth. Look at the expanse of the universe. God is indeed an awesome God!

Second, God’s works with and among men are great in mercy and blessings. His work is “toward the children of men,” that is for their benefit and aid (vs. 5).

Third, look at the expanse of His power and works in regards to Israel (vs. 6). He dried up a path through the Red Sea (vs. 6). Israel passed through the sea on “dry ground”!

Fourth, God opened the Jordan River for Israel to cross over into Palestine (vs. 6). Israel went through the Jordan River (the flood) and then “rejoiced” in Him for His power, provision and deliverance.

The extent of God’s power and rule is twofold. It is first of all with “great power” (vs. 7). In order to get a view of this awesome power look at the great storms, the winds, the rains, the floods, they are all the exercise of God’s power. Man cannot control the forces of nature. God does!

Secondly, He calls upon the nations and the rebellious to exalt God and not themselves (vs. 7). When God is exalted it is wonderful how man is blessed and benefited.

III. Men are called to Bless the Lord (vs. 8-12). First, they are to “praise” God (vs. 8).

Second, men are called to recognize that God holds their very life in His hands (vs. 9).

Third, men are under the sole power of God, He is the Keeper of soul and body for each individual (not allow our feet to be moved, vs. 9).

Fourth, He will test us just as precious metal is purified (vs. 10). This will come through heavy burdens and authority of others over the individual (vs. 11-12).

Fifth, man may be led through the “fire and through water” as testing and purifying at the hand of God (12).

It is through the plan and purpose of God that He bless, guide, guard and keep those who trust in Him. He promises to be with us through all the trials and tribulations and that He will bring us “out into a wealthy (productive, fruitful) place” (vs. 12).

The ways of the Lord are wonderfully marvelous!. He blesses us. He keeps us. He tests us. He delivers us finally from all sin and its effects. Now, is it not foolish for us to resist Him and His divine plan and workings in our lives? May our prayer ever be “have thine own way Lord”! Instead of complaining, let us trust and obey, knowing that our God knows best what we need. Praise God!