Been lied to – check your facts

Published 1:57 pm Friday, November 5, 2010

At the end of a recent letter to the editor, a writer stated that the Democrats should work on bringing our jobs back from oversees and to stop shipping more out of America.

If the writer had kept up with current events, he would have known that the House sent a bill to the Senate a couple of months ago that would have done just that. It would have removed all incentives for companies to export jobs and would have provided tax incentives to companies that brought jobs back from overseas.

A no brainer—right?

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All 40 Republican senators voted “No” to bringing the bill to a vote on the floor!

Why?—they did not want the President to gain a “victory.” Even if their actions were detrimental to our economy.

As to the rant against Jim Smith’s column the writer lost all credibility by referring to our President as a “Muslim.” I like Smith’s point of view—we have enough right-wing, ultra-conservative opinions and letters each week in The Post-Searchlight. Give us moderates and progressives (believe or not their are more than a few in Decatur County) at least one avenue that expresses our sentiments.

Tom Bush
Bainbridge, Ga.