Why I support Keown

Published 2:22 pm Friday, October 29, 2010

As a combat veteran and father, I am writing to request your support for Mike Keown in his campaign to represent our district in the U.S. House of Representatives.

I would like to share with you personal experiences that have created great discontent for the Democratic Party of which Sanford Bishop is a part of due to direct impacts upon my own life.

While I was deployed to Afghanistan fighting in a war, my wife was experiencing her own war alone at home. Doctors at a military hospital where trying to get my wife to have an abortion due to false results from a blood test stating that she was to be born with a specific genetic disease that would impede her life. My daughter was born and is a perfectly healthy angelic princess but the pro-abortion Democrats in Congress, like Sanford Bishop’s support of Planned Parenthood, have made abortion a commodity for convenience in our country thereby devaluing “life” while innocent children, many of whom could be born completely healthy in spite of genetic tests, are aborted because someone doesn’t want to own up to life choices.

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Furthermore, these abortions are being performed using taxpayer dollars, such as a joint military/V.A. hospitals, or overseas through federal dollars going to support organizations such as Planned Parenthood through U.S. Aid Abroad, which Bishop supported. What abhors me about Sanford Bishop is not only his support of Planned Parenthood, which is a racist organization bent on aborting life, but that he has voted to not fund health care providers who refuse to provide abortion information. In effect, he is strong-arming a devaluation of life using our taxpayer dollars as leverage!

When I confronted Sanford Bishop at an Albany townhall, Bishop denied his support in favor of abortion via Planned Parenthood through U.S. Aid Abroad. The voting record shows he lied! Denial just seems to be a way of life in pursuit of his political survival, which translates he is selfish and dishonest. I refuse to have a self-serving and dishonest congressman representing my district, which is partly why I was the second person, following Don Cole, to resign from a Republican position, in my case the Grady County GOP chairmanship, during the primary in order to fully and openly support Mike Keown for Congress.

The second item I have against Bishop is against the party to which he belongs. The party he is associated with at its core possesses a lack of patriotism and the willingness to sacrifice precious essential elements of our heritage for political gain. It is a danger to the posterity of our country. A prime example is while serving in Afghanistan in 2003 and 2004, the information that the Democrats where putting out in the media were emboldening the enemy who were fighting against U.S. forces.

I support freedom of speech, but I also understand that there is an inherent responsibility within that freedom, a responsibility that the Democratic Party seems to have forgotten as they fill the airwaves with lies trying to stir a pot in support of their political agenda. The actions of Democrats in the recent years have resulted in loss of American lives from emboldened terrorists due to the public international criticism of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, wars that were both needed. Afghanistan was harboring terrorists that attacked our country and Saddam was building an anti-U.S. coalition through the Oil-for-Food Scandal, a story that would have never broke without the invasion.

Yet the Democrats pound on Bush when their actions are directly endangered the lives of American soldiers. There were direct influxes in violence during times of international criticism about the war due to a perceived impact of the morale of U.S. soldiers overseas because “their own government was internationally not showing support.”

In a nutshell, Sanford Bishop and the Pelosi-led Democrats lie to the American public, disregard the sanctity of life through both abortion and the protection of our troops, and will sacrifice the will of the people for their own selfish political gain and interests, as recent media of Bishop’s cronyistic endeavors have confirmed to be the case as evidenced by GBI investigations, CBC scholarships going to family and a questionable network of earmarks.

In closing, I want you to join with me in prayer for the Second District. I published a prayer to God on March 26, 2010, in The Post-Searchlight that ended with the phrase, “Lord, Send us our Nehemiah.”

I believe Mike to be that Nehemiah that can and will restore the faith in our representation to D.C. from the Second District, a faith that Bishop has violated due to his corruption and disloyalty to his constituency. I believe Mike, however, to be a man that will represent us to Washington, and not Washington to us. Please join me in your support and help Mike Keown to BOOT Bishop, once and for all.

Jason Sellars, OEF combat veteran