Voting as an activist

Published 2:20 pm Friday, October 29, 2010

I could not agree more with Jim Smith (reference “We Are Easily Deceived” in last Saturday’s Post-Searchlight).

I, myself, question virtually everything I hear and read. Rather than trusting the mouthing of a talking head, news broadcasts and even newspapers, I prefer to go to original sources, for example, government statistics for tax and spending information, and government Web sites for politicians’ voting records.

This is why, when the health care bill was first proposed, I printed and read the entire bill. As I made my way through this voluminous document, I found my emotions moving from aloof to anxious to angry. When I finished, I knew I had to do something, if not for myself, then for my three grandchildren. So, for the first time in my 55 years, I became an activist.

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One year later, we find that many of the “rumors” about the health care bill are actually facts and that it is already affecting the health care industry, our insurance rates and Medicare. If you too read the bill, you are not surprised.

On another note, as I mentioned earlier, I prefer to go to government records for tax information.

Did you know that in 2007, Decatur County individual income taxes (state and federal) combined with payroll taxes (employee and employer contributions) was around $110 million? That’s almost $4,000 for every citizen living in Decatur County. And this does not include corporate income taxes or other taxes that we pay on purchases of goods and services.

What does this mean?

It means that more than $110 million never saw the light of day in Decatur County. We never got to spend $110 million here first, where it could contribute directly to our local economy. Instead, it went to Atlanta and to Washington, D.C.

For the progressives reading this who believe the latter is a good thing, then let me make a suggestion. If you currently itemize your taxes, then stop the hypocrisy; instead, determine the maximum amount that you should pay without itemizing, then write an even bigger check. Uncle Sam and Atlanta will accept your gift with open arms.

On Nov. 2, we have a chance to cast our vote for candidates who all say they have our best interest at heart. I will be voting for the candidates who will commit to rescinding the health care bill and who will commit to letting Decatur County citizens keep more of our hard-earned dollars here.

Sheila Lane

Bainbridge, Ga.