Been lied to

Published 2:19 pm Friday, October 29, 2010

Concerning Mr. Jim Smith’s article in Saturday’s The Post-Searchlight, “We are so easily deceived.”

I have to totally agree with him, the American people are very easily deceived. As politicians, and preachers, have discovered and have been doing for centuries.

Throw the people a lollipop, and some cotton candy and they will believe anything you tell them and will follow you anywhere, even off a high cliff never asking any serious questions for fear the lollipops and cotton candy might stop coming.

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But there were a couple of problems with Mr. Smith’s presentation.

For one, I don’t think he knows what a “gadfly” is. In the big city (Atlanta), I do not think his Colonel Kearney would fit the definition. But I have gathered that Mr. Smith likes to make snide remarks, and put-downs of honest, honorable and thinking people who oppose his point of view and beliefs, or lack thereof.

Also, Mr. Smith’s comparing President Roosevelt’s Social Security to Mr. Obama and the Democrat’s national health care bill is like comparing ripe watermelons to the old citron melons. The citron melon looks just like a good watermelon until you can’t open and see what is on the inside.

When you cut the health care bill open and see what is on the inside, it is more like a Halloween fright house, but 10 times as bewitching and frightening (and disastrous to the nation).

Mr. Smith portrayed the Republicans, and anyone else who does not blindly swallow the Democrat’s propaganda, hook-line-and sinker, as being easily deceived.

But the real truth is those who “do” believe the Democrat’s totally ridiculous misinformation and half truths are the ones who are sadly deceived. And for the most part, they are those who are feeding the most on the Democrats’ lollipops and cotton candy.

Oh, let me clarify here that I am not a Republican, neither am I a Democrat. I am a realist. I look for and search out the truth in any subject or matter. I do not trust any politicians, or 99.9 percent of preachers; they will lie in a heart beat to get what they want.

Mr. Smith, the reason intelligent, thinking Americans are strongly against the Democrats’ health care bill is simply because we have seen what it really is, and it is purely rotten to the core; just like the un-American Muslim president the Democrats lied to the American people about and shoved down our throats.

The Democrats have lied to the people concerning the health care bill, and we do not want it, either.

If the Democrats, or the Republicans for that matter, really wanted to do something that would truly help every American citizen, they would stop all the lying, and start telling the truth, be honest, open and straight forward with the people, bring the jobs back to America from all the countries where they have been sent.

The American people want to work, with honor and dignity, and make their own living, not be under bondage to the Democrats’ welfare systems.

Stop lying, bring the jobs back and put the health care bill in the toilet where it belongs.

J. Paul Jackson
Bainbridge, Ga.