Going the extra mile

Published 7:26 pm Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Talk about going the extra mile: Congratulations to Bainbridge College associate professor Jenna Miley for not only earning the University System’s top customer service award, but for also earning the top award in the state.

Miley was named the 2010 Gold Award by Chancellor Erroll B. Davis and then was named last week as the 2010 Governor’s Individual Customer Service Award.

What is so intriguing about what Miley did is that it seems so logical and simple in today’s world.

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The textbook for the computer fundamentals course that is required for all degree students was transformed by her into a much lower-cost CD. According to the nomination letter, Miley spent 400 hours writing the text, shopped for the best prices on CDs and then spent hours copying the text onto the CDs. Miley then spent some additional hours ensuring the required reading material was only $31.25 compared to the other book’s cost of more than $100. She repeated the process for a Technical Studies Division course.

So not only did Miley save her students’ money on textbooks, she devote the proceeds from the sales of the CDs to a scholarship, which is now up to $7,000.

Congratulations to Dr. Miley for her ingenuity and her generosity. We’re glad the rest of state now knows what gems we have at Bainbridge College.