God is our refuge

Published 8:32 pm Friday, October 15, 2010

Scripture: Psalm 46

Aim: To impress upon the pupil that Jehovah God is the believer’s refuge, strength and deliverer.

Golden Text: “The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge” (Psalm 46:11).

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This Psalm gives assurance to the believer that in Jehovah God he is safe, secure and blessed.

The Psalmist expresses total confidence that Jehovah is in control regardless of the trouble and discord within creation or among men. Jehovah is the place of refuge, strength and help to all who trust in Him. In the light of the truth set forth in this Psalm, it is foolish for one to be afraid of life and the affairs of life. Jehovah is God, and He has all things under His control. Trust Him!

I. The character of God is expressed (vs. 1-3). Jehovah God is said to be our refuge (vs. 1). The word “refuge” is a verb, which means “to flee to.” Jehovah is the place to which His children may flee for safety and blessing in all things and in all circumstances of life. “He” in the refuge, not the blessings from Him.

Jehovah is our strength (vs. 1). Man is a weak creature. He does not have the strength to face the sin to which he is completely subjected. He has no power over Satan and the forces of evil. Should a person be left alone, he has no defenses against the pull of the flesh, sin in the world (men who have left God out of their lives), or Satan. Without God a person is simply floundering in sin on his way to eternal torments! Also, God gives the strength to be and to do. He is the Almighty God who performs in behalf of His own.

Jehovah is our help in the time of trouble (vs. 1). We live in a world of trouble. Left alone one faces life often with despair. Trusting in Jehovah gives meaning and purpose to life.

The results of trusting God is security even though the earth be destroyed. Those who put their trust in him will be safe for eternity. He is a God to be relied upon today and for eternity.

II. The confidence in God gives security (vs. 4-7). Here Jerusalem is in the Psalmist’s mind. The application is for all who have found security in God. God dwells in the city. God dwells in His people. His people are secure regardless of the ragging of the ungodly. God’s people are safe and secure because Jehovah God is with them (vs. 7). No matter the ragging of the wicked. God’s children are safe in the divine watch care. What a blessed truth to know.

III. The control of God is visible for all to see (vs. 8-11). Jehovah invites men to take a look at His works (vs. 8). His control over men as well as the earth is seen by those who will look. The desolations and turmoil in the physical earth are his works (vs. 8).

He will end all wars upon the earth (vs. 9). This is a reference to Israel’s security in Jehovah and extends out to His securing all who trust in Him. It also extends into the millennium when all war will be replaced with peace.

Jehovah God gives the invitation to all of mankind to “Be still, and know that I am God” (vs. 10). He will be exalted among the heathen. My how this has been fulfilled in these days when the Church of Jesus Christ is made up of mostly Gentiles!

Jehovah will be exalted among all the men of all the earth. He is God. He is in control of all the creation. This includes all men. Thus it behooves every individual to humble himself before God in repentance and faith. All who do will be blessed with the favor of Jehovah. All who will not shall be judged and punished in the Lake of Fire.

Verses seven and 11 are the same. Jehovah is with us. God, Who is the God of Jacob, that is Jehovah, is our “refuge.” He is our place of safety from all sin and evil. Praise His name!