Restaurant Inspections

Published 8:52 pm Friday, October 1, 2010

Environmental Health County Manager Ansley Johnson, EHS III Hope Broxton or EHS II Spencer Bowen of the Decatur County Public Health Department, conducted nine restaurant and food service inspections from Sept. 21 to Sept. 27, 2010.
Online food service information and complete inspection reports may be viewed at www.southwest
All major discrepancies are corrected before the health inspector leaves the premises.
Under new inspection system with 100 as the highest score, restaurants are rated: A= 90-100; B= 80-89; C= 70-79; U= Less than 69.
The facilities inspected were:
• Bainbridge High School, 1 Bearcat Blvd., Bainbridge, 89–B
• Bainbridge Probation Substance Abuse Treatment Center, 235 State Hospital Road, Bainbridge, 100–A
• DCCI/ Trinity Services Group Inc., 1153 Airport Road, Bainbridge, 92–A
• Hardee’s of Bainbridge, 1000 E. Shotwell St., Bainbridge, 77–C
• Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suite, 1413 Tallahassee Hwy., Bainbridge, 91–A
• McDonalds. 1501 E. Shotwell St., Bainbridge, 96–A
• Sandy’s Diner, 1007 Dothan Road, Bainbridge, 95–A
• Subway, 1800 Dothan Road, Bainbridge, 91–A
• Subway, 1800 Dothan Road, Bainbridge, 55–U

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