God’s majesty and human dignity

Published 8:59 pm Friday, October 1, 2010

Scripture: Psalm 8:1-9

Aim: To instruct the pupil in the truth of God and man’s relationship and human responsibility.

Golden Text: “What is man, thou art mindful of him? And the son of man that thou visitest him?” (Psalm 8:5).

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Psalm eight is a psalm that discusses the majesty of God and the dignity He has made in man. Here we have a discussion of Jehovah God and His crowning creation, man.

I. The supreme Person, Jehovah God (vs. 1). He is the great, high God. Here we have two names that are used to identify the great God of eternity and time.

First, “Lord,” which is the Hebrew name “Jehovah.” This is the primary name for the eternal God. It means, “the being one, the ever-existing one.” This is the name used in the Scripture to emphasize the mercy and grace of God, which He has given to man.

The name “God” means “the supreme, the strong One.” He is Elohim (Hebrew). This is a general term that refers to God as the great, supreme powerful God of all things. As Jehovah, He is the one who becomes whatever man needs. He is the being, the becoming one. All man’s needs are met in Jehovah God. Jehovah God is Jesus Christ in the flesh.

II. Jehovah God is the personal Lord (vs. 1). He is Jehovah our Lord. As Jehovah He is the being, the becoming one. Whatever man needs He becomes in order to supply man with all his needs. He is also the Lord. This word is translated as ruler, judge, prop, stay and support. This term shows the personal relationship man has with the eternal God.

III. This psalm is one of Personal Praise of Jehovah the Lord (vs. 1). His name is the most excellent name in all of creation. Elsewhere we read that He is the Lord of Lords and the King of kings. To Him along belongs the praise and exaltation of all creation. In all of creation there is none like Him.

IV. Jehovah God is the Performing Lord (vs. 1). His glory is set far higher than the creation, heaven and the earth. His work is unmatchable by any one or any thing. Look at Genesis Chapter One and note the exclusive activity of Jehovah God at work. All things were made by Him and all things were made for Him, without Him nothing was made (John 1:1-5).

V. God’s glory is seen in His creation (vs. 2-9). His glory is seen in the babies that are born into the world (vs. 2). No one can produce life but God Himself. Man is left helpless and confused in trying to “originate” life. Life comes only from Jehovah God.

Second, the creation exhibits God’s glory in a special way (vs. 3). No man has ever, or ever shall be able to create a star, sun or moon. All attempts will result in failure. Only Jehovah God can create and sustain that creation.

Third, God made man, who is the crowning creation of God. He is made in the image and likeness of God Himself. Greater and a higher creation of angels. Man is like God!

Fourth, God set man over the works of His creation until God the Son Himself shall sit upon the throne and rule the world of men (vs. 6-8).

The conclusion is set forth in simple words. “O Lord our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!” (vs. 9).

Only He is the creator and ruler of all things. Only His name is above all other names. Only He is the Provider of the needs of men.

His name is Jesus: He saves His people from their sins. He is Jehovah: the becoming One who becomes what ever man needs.

He is the Lord: the ruler, prop, stay, support and judge of every man! Yes, His name is more excellent than all others. Blessed be the name of the Lord!