Living on

Published 9:08 pm Tuesday, September 28, 2010

If a person was to die, perhaps one of the most noble acts he can do would be to “live on.”

Truly the only way to do that is to become an organ donor.

As Bill Banks outlined in his story about Dylan Faircloth and the story of what happened to his donated heart can best be summed up as, well, heart-warming. A young man with a promising future was taken too earlier, but he lives on in Stan Gann, an older, legendary football coach and player.

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One of Dylan’s lungs went to a 33-year-old man in Florida. Both kidneys stayed in Georgia, one to a 39-year-old single mother with three children and another to a 38-year-old mother with two kids. His liver went to a welder/mechanic in Georgia and eventually his eyes will be donated too.

Because Dylan became devoted to the idea of becoming an organ donor has truly allowed him to live on.

Unfortunately, because of people’s reluctance to become organ donors and a drop in traffic fatalities, it is harder for people needing organs to receive them.

But Dylan had the foresight to “live on.” Do you?