Put a chill on it

Published 8:42 pm Friday, September 24, 2010

The City of Bainbridge is pulling out all the stops to make the new mega-ramps outstanding.

They are looking great and are certainly going to be appreciated by those who use the Flint River.

But thank you Councilmen Phil Long, Joe Sweet and other council members for getting cold feet in the proposed purchase of a $126,597 three-ton ice maker that was slated to be located at the new mega-ramps.

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And we’re not just talking about ice, which the average price would be $1.50 to $1.75. The new taxpayer-funded machine would also offer water—complete with softener, sediment filter and decholrinator—for 25 cents a gallon and $1 for 5 gallons. And for all those high-spending fishermen, the total price included a credit-debit card reader for $385.

Why would the city want to put up its own ice-making machine, despite private businesses or individuals that have them scattered throughout the town?

Why would taxpayers have to purchase the machine for the boat basin?

Why not let a local business reap the profits?

It’s simply chilling to think what would they come up with next.