A pinch of this, a dash of that

Published 8:10 pm Friday, September 24, 2010

Some ramblin’s on this and that: Some coherent and some not so coherent.

This No. 1

The Giz needs some students.

Wanna have some fun. Then join “The Prince of Pasta” on Tuesday nights for the next eight weeks for his classes on Authentic Italian Cuisine I. This is a personal recommendation, as a former student of the cooking class, when I can tell you the best part of the class is eating what you cook.

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Two dishes per night, and two evening meals to stretch your belt.

The course is $109 for eight weeknights, and I guarantee, you will eat more than 100 bucks worth of food. Your instructor is Jim Gisondi, (the Giz) preparing Italian dishes gathered from his Italian heritage. You get a cookbook with the recipes so you can prepare them over and over for your family and guests.

Call Bainbridge College Continuing Education, 248-2516 and sign up now.

That No. 1

The Historic Society needs some historic buildings to honor.

Each November at its dinner meeting, plaques are awarded to either businesses or homes of historic value. You can see many of these markers all over town on buildings and homes, so recognized by the historic society for their value to the community.

This year, we are honoring a historic home in Climax, but we need three more designees. If you have a home or business, or if you would like to recommend a home or business for historic recognition, call 246-8803 or 248-0955. I’ll answer.

Those selected will be invited to the November meeting of the Historic and Genealogical Society dinner meeting. You get free wine with dinner, and be asked to give a short presentation on the historic significance of their structure. Guests are welcome.

This No. 2

Please go directly to the Firehouse Gallery to view the current exhibits.

We attended the dedication ceremonies on Thursday night at the Firehouse honoring the completion of the outside courtyard, an art piece in itself.

Viewing the artworks now on display on Thursday night at the dedication of the courtyard spearheaded by Joyce Leverett and Phyllis Lucas, are the offerings of Susan Pelham, her artworks in paper collage. Truly different and remarkable works. She also does portraits in oil of children, families and pets from her studio in Monroe, Ga.

Also on display is Old River Run Pottery, magnificent selections by Dawn Zaharis Prietz from her studio in Marianna. Her pieces show outstanding detail.

That No. 2

It’s nice to call Bainbridge City Hall.

You can actually get a real-live-person to answer the phone without having to go through a whole stack of confusing menus. Besides that, it may be one of the few places remaining where you don’t get frisked by security guards, or have to pass through radar screens, or sign in and sign out your life savings.

These new phone systems that many businesses employ are specifically designed to keep you from contacting anyone if you have to have customer service. They really don’t want to hear from you.

So please, Mr. Hobby, keep the real live lady (dial 0 for operator) employed at the front desk, answering the phones from the citizens of Bainbridge. This may be the last stronghold for customer service.

This No. 3

Ever try to get that free credit report that lures you into a Web site?

Don’t try it, even though state law says you are entitled to a free credit report once a year. Even the agencies will send you around in an on-line circle, trying to frustrate you to give it up, in favor of getting a fee out of you.

That No. 3

Most pundits believe the current economic mess we are now experiencing began during the Bush years, 2000-2008. So I have decided this November to vote Republican. Democrats haven’t been able to fix the economy, so since it fell apart under the Republican watch, let’s send them back to Congress with the message, “you did it, you fix it.”

(I’ll probably hear about that bigtime).