Where were you 52 Years Ago?

Published 8:29 pm Friday, September 17, 2010

Do you remember where you were 52 years ago? In September 1957, Climax High School had just begun another school year—just as students started this year 2010, but on a much smaller scale.
Excitement in the young voices echoed through the old halls. What did 1958 hold in its future? The 55, 56, and 57 Chevy cars were the most popular, as were some who were privileged enough to have such a thing. Driving to school for the first time caused envy on the part of some boys, and admiration on the part of some girls.
Do you remember the beauty queens and their escorts that year? Well here goes: Junior High: Ann Knight, escort Cuy Knight, Freshman: Kaye Wells, escort Tom Maxwell, two seniors: Patsy Mills, escort Maston Bell, and Frances Miricks, escort Ray Bearden. Elementary: Donna Parker, escort Billy Sloan, Joyce Mills, escort Conrad Bell, and Barbara Faircloth, escort Dickie Strickland.
C.L. Brooks was the school principal and the girl’s basketball coach. Ben Hill Strickland was agriculture instructor, FFA advisor and boys basketball coach.

Mrs. L.O. Miller was the Dramatics Club advisor, and Mrs. Elizabeth Moore was advisor for FHA Club.
That year the Dramatics Club won second place in the one-act-play, “Pink and Patches.” Betty Hester won a trip for the oratorical contest on United Nations.

Climax High School had no football team, but they were very competitive in both boys and girls basketball. The basketball boys won the invited tournament at West Bainbridge, and the girls team won two trophies in the regional tournament and went to state tournament. (Sorry, I don’t have a picture of the girls team, maybe later.)

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With a slight noticeable change in the weather, and some accumulation of leaves on the lawn, one is prone to reminisce a little on what seemed to be a simpler time.

Teenagers worried about getting caught out past curfew, and being stopped by the officer while driving with a loud glass-pack muffler on that 55 Chevy. The temptations our teenagers face today is something the teenagers of the 50’s couldn’t comprehend, even though there were a few things tried, then caught and dealt with by a firm discipline from parents and teachers.
Take a good look at the young faces of our ball team and then wonder where the years have gone. Remember where you were 52 years ago. Thanks to Butch Mosely for bringing the 50’s back to memory and especially the Climax High School years.