Wigglers, jigs and mudfish

Published 7:08 pm Friday, September 10, 2010

Lady Ashley Jones, of Mansfield, GA, managed to use a crossbow and get an arrow into a 9 foot 3 inch Gator early Saturday morning all with a broke arm! The entire event was photographed by a TV production company. This was her first time Gator Hunting.

September 1, at 5pm, I became 81 years old. I was born in Faceville about a quarter-mile from the Old Country Store. The first 6 months of my life I near starved to death. Nothing they gave me would stay on my stomic. Old Dr. Willis made house calls in the county after making his rounds in town. Second trip he made to mother, he brought a can of Eagle Brand Milk. That was what they fed me until I was able to eat table food. I still love Eagle Brand Milk. I forgot to tell you that I had to have 4 skin cancers cut off and one burnt off.

Bream, Shellcrackers, Crappie and Catfish has been the fish this week again. There has been many limits of each made except Catfish and there is no limit on Catfish. Lots of folks ate good fresh fish from Seminole this week. Crickets for Bream, Wigglers for Shellcrackers, Catfish Minnows and Jigs for Crappie. I must add that in the past 10 days, there has been sited many Mayflies.

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Jerat Lee Porter had 5 nice Bass up to 7 1/2 lbs. Friday morning on Plastic.

The Bainbridge Bass Club fished out of Wingate’s Lodge Saterday with a fair turnout. 1st Place went to Stan McCullum, 2nd Place went to Cedric Suber, then Vic Pickles took 3rd Place and Big Fish.

Brandon Maestri, age 15, from Iron City, GA, standing on the gas dock here at Wingate’s hooked a 14 lbs. Mudfish and landed him. It is the I.F.G.A. Junior World Record. One tickled young man. This fish set the I.G.F.A. All Tackle Record.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

September 5, 2010

Lake Surface Temp: 75Lake Level: 8 inch downClarity: ClearFlint:ClearChattahoochee: Very ClearSpring Creek: Clear Report provided by: Jack Wingate