Going to war to win

Published 6:46 pm Tuesday, August 31, 2010

‘Tis a shame that our leaders seem to never learn from their own mistakes.

World War II was the last war we entered where we entered it to win. Korea’s Police Action took thousands of lives, Vietnam was sickening in the end, Iraq ever so much. Now we intend to back out of Afganastan without winning.

“We should never enter a war unless we enter it to win!”

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Bass fishing this week has been slow except for just a few bright spots. Matt Neel and Josh Thompson won the Jack Wingate Thursday Night Big Fish Pot.

There was limits of bream and shellcracker taken on worms and crickets. There was some fly-rod activity, but it slowed when the moon began to wayne.

Our fall fishen should be taken place soon. By the middle of September we should see a great turn in the weather. I saw my first Robins this past Saterday and a big Tom Turkey coming across U.S. 90 in Chattahoochee just past Tim’s Boiled Peanut stand and up behind the playground there and the deer have come off the hills and are in Bass Island Campground where they will stay most of the winter. Their skins are sleek and shiny.  How they can be that way with the Yellow Flies as bad as they are … We think we are in for a long Indian Fall.

A thought that I will leave you with for this week.  “Nuthin’ lasts forever except the night, when you are a long way from home and all alone.”

Wingate’s Fishing Report

August 29, 2010

Lake surface temp: 78Lake level: Down someClarity: DingyFlint: DingyChattahoochee: CloudySpring Creek: Clear mostlyReport provided by: Jack Wingate