Woman jumps off bridge into river

Published 1:56 pm Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A woman who jumped off the Calhoun Street bridge into the Flint River shortly after noon on Tuesday was rescued by emergency responders using boats.

According to Bainbridge Public Safety officers, another motorist had called 911 saying the woman was going to jump off the bridge.

Law enforcement and an Emergency Medical Service ambulance raced to intercept her, but as they arrived on top of the bridge, she jumped.

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Minutes later, a boat launched from the Bainbridge Marina rescued the woman as she floated down river toward Cheney Griffin Park. The woman survived the fall and was conscious when she was brought ashore. On board the boat were Bainbridge Marina manager Billy Birdsong, an EMT and Dr. Alan Wilson, a member of the Sheriff’s Office rescue team.

The woman’s rescuers took her to the Earle May Boat Basin, where she was put on a stretcher, her neck stabilized with a cervical spine collar, and loaded into an ambulance. Dr. Wilson said he believed the woman, who appeared to be middle-aged, was going to be OK.

BPS Investigator Mark Esquivel said he drove from the BPS substation on Broughton Street onto the bridge. He said he pulled up a short distance away from the woman, in an effort not to spook her, and called out to her. But as he did so, with an ambulance also approaching her from the other direction, the woman jumped.

Sheriff’s deputies said it was believed the woman may have been involved in a domestic incident prior to parking her truck on top of the bridge’s sidewalk and calling 911.