How news has become shocking

Published 2:43 pm Friday, August 20, 2010


Absolutely shocked!!!

But not overly surprised.

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There it was on Page 4 of the Wednesday edition of The Wall Street Journal, the headline, “News Corp. gives $1 million to GOP.”

News Corporation is the parent company of giant news organizations including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, Fox News and the Fox Network.

To head off what should be readership outrage against their newspaper contributing funds to political organizations, a Wall Street Journal spokesman said, “The donation has no impact on our journalists or their reporting.”


Then it was reported that Political Action Committees (PACs) within these organizations have been doling out money to both political parties and political candidates for some time.

Then the article went on to say that “between 2002 and 2009, News Corp. gave $86,000 to the Republican Governor’s Association and the Republican State Leadership Committee, according to IRS records. In the same span, the company gave $60,000 to the Democratic Attorneys General Association.”

And then the article want on to say that these news organizations had political action committees (PAC), which regularly through payroll deduction allow employees to contribute to Democratic and Republican congressional candidates of their choice, this year reportedly giving $78,000 to Democrats and $66,500 to Republicans.

What in the world is going on here?.

These news organizations particularly Fox News have told us for years that their reporting is without political bias, that news writers and TV reporters give due diligence to fair, balanced, unbiased and accurate reporting of the news. Likewise the newspapers.

Now we discover they are part of the political process and although they disavow it, it smells of attempts to slant the news toward their political point of view. It cannot be denied.

It’s not so much of new revelations against the Fox News network. We all know that this network is extremely conservative and Republican-oriented. They will tell you they are not, but now we have the proof. You like conspiracies? Here’s one worth $1 million.

OK, now here’s what we must require from our news writers.

At the end of each article, the writers are going to have to divulge their political contributions. Let’s say John Jones of The Wall Street Journal, for example, writes a political piece for his newspaper. At the end of the article, he must declare that on Aug. 6, his paycheck included a deduction of $6.96 toward the Democratic Party, or whatever.

That way, we will know where he is coming from, and if his news report is biased. Now, without impunity, we can announce to all our friends and neighbors and we can write even more outrageous letters to the editor that the newspaper in question is truthfully biased in a particular political direction.

What we will have now folks is newspapers truthfully filled with political opinion usually regulated to the editorial page.

This might be the new wave of combating all the false information that is on the Internet. All those amateurs writing on the Internet compose reports from biased points of view. None of it is trustworthy. None of it. At least we know not to trust anything remotely resembling the truth from so-called amateur news reports on the Internet. They don’t have to report their political contributions or leanings. It’s a given. Maybe it will return us to a truthful and once reliable print media.

There’s another method now before us that bends the truth. You can tell if the TV folks are telling the truth by watching their body language. How many of them report the news without making faces, injecting personal comments by their body gestures into the camera, facial expressions and tone of voice?

The news business has changed rapidly over the past 20 years due to the emergence of the Internet and gas bag TV commentators who give us endless, deathless and outrageous diatribes disguised as news.

You wanted to be entertained rather than be informed? Now you have it. Enjoy.

At least now we know for certain that the gas bags of TV commentary have been exposed for what they really are. We are all the losers because of it.

The whole thing stinks.