Our priority

Published 9:58 pm Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our priority

Education—the apple pie of issues that seems to come up short.

For various reasons, tons of money is spent on education and yet we still can’t seem to attain that great system report card, excellent graduation rates and high test scores.

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What’s the answer?

Are our resources stretched so thin that the state must continue to encroach into classroom instruction with furlough days and large class sizes?

Couldn’t the state start to look at the sales tax exemptions like Democratic gubernatorial candidate and former Gov. Roy Barnes suggests? Couldn’t the state draw a line in not cutting any more from education but look at the special interest pet projects that seem to continue?

On the local level, Decatur County School Superintendent Fred Rayfield says his focus will be on school improvement, accreditation, teacher planning and increasing student achievement, and hold off on any major capital projects.

“My big deal is to let’s do everything in my power to save money without putting people in the unemployment line or without cutting their jobs,” Rayfield said. “We’re not doing anybody any favors by doing that.”

The politicians need to look hard and be held accountable in how our education dollars are being spent. But they also need to be creative in showing marked improvements in our education system and not just throw money at it.