Enough of the fluff

Published 2:18 pm Tuesday, August 3, 2010

There comes a time when you have to strip away all of the fluff surrounding an issue and get down to the core of that issue.

I have come to severely doubt Sanford Bishop’s ability to represent Georgia as our U.S. Representative. What the “issue” is for me is that I simply don’t trust Mr. Bishop’s allegiances. He has voted with Nancy Pelosi over 97 percent of the time. An extraordinarily high percentage of his campaign contributions have come from guess where? California! Where’s Nancy Pelosi from? You guessed it—California! Coincidence? I think not. Do we really want to let Nancy Pelosi and California have any sort of input into who Georgia’s representative is?

Why is it that Bishop can’t raise the money he needs in his own district?

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Maybe it’s because the farmers, business owners, and just plain old hardworking Georgians, are finally stripping through the fluff and seeing the core of who Sanford Bishop is.

Enough of the earmarked funds that are thinly veiled attempts to buy voting blocs a little at a time. Enough of the town hall meetings during which Bishop threatens to have us arrested for speaking out. He comes to supposedly listen to our feedback and then he does the talking for almost the entire first hour to convince us why we should see things his way. Mr. Bishop—you’ve got it backwards!

Bishop has gotten too entrenched and comfortable in Washington, D.C. I’m sick and tired of politicians that are smooth talkers, but forget our faces as soon as they’re out of our company.

Don’t be quick to swallow the fluff that Bishop is so good at feeding to you. Any time that Bishop does anything for your area, ask yourself, “Is there anything in it for him?” How often does he do such things with no fanfare and no press? How often does he do such things and not care who gets the credit?

Mr. Bishop is not the person that I believe has my best interests at heart as my U.S. representative. He probably has no idea who I am, although I’ve contacted his office on many occasions throughout the last year or so. I can personally talk to any other representative from our area, but Bishop seems to be surrounded by some protective layer of secrecy.

Enough of the fluff, Mr. Bishop. Time for the truth to come out. Stay tuned—more facts to come!

Keith SellersBainbridge, Ga.