Could have been handled better

Published 7:00 pm Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You know, I have never understood the city and county operation in Decatur County. Maybe someone can explain to me why I pay city and county taxes, and the City of Bainbridge has to pay the county to handle the city’s prisoners. I fought this battle 35 years ago.

Why does the City of Bainbridge need to pay the City of Pelham to house its prisoners when the citizens of the city pay county taxes?

I am disappointed that the city and county cannot get along for the benefits of the local citizens, especially since the economy is creating problems for many people who have been laid off from work and do not have jobs.

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Why would the Sheriff’s Office even need to charge to house Bainbridge prisoners?

I do not intend to step on anyone’s toes, but this could have been solved in a much better way for the benefits of this community.

In fact, this is embarrassing, and I am disappointed.

Raymond MilesBainbridge, Ga.