Appreciates responders

Published 7:05 pm Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On the evening of July 3, we had a fire that began in the walls of our home at 1401 Woodland Drive.

After smelling smoke, we called 911 for assistance. Fire, Public Safety and EMS arrived within a matter of minutes. Not only did all the respondents involved do what had to be done to save our home, they took the time to let us know what they had to do, when we could help and when we could stay out of the way.

Although it was a stressful time, we are appreciative of the people that we feel made short work of what could have been a very bad night.

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Assistant Fire Chief Doyle Welch communicated with us constantly about what was happening and needed to be done. He helped us out with getting smoke detectors set up around the fire site. We would also like to recognize Nelson Harrell, Patrick Bryant, Jason Barlow and Dexter Sapp. In addition, EMS’ Larry Battle and Kristen Drexler stayed throughout keeping an eye on the family and offering help.

We appreciate each and every one of these people and would like to see them recognized.

Thanks again to all of you for the way you do your jobs. I’m sure you do not often receive the appreciation you all deserve.

The Timmons Family