Why bother? Just call Benny

Published 8:36 pm Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Georgia Gator season has been set by Georgia D.N.R., 140 permits for Baker, Miller, Decatur, Mitchell and Grady counties.

It will begin September 4th and go out on October 3rd.

My question is:  “Why did they bother?”

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The number to call if you have a gator you want moved is:  (229) 758-2159, (229) 254-1201 or (229) 221-3032 Benny West.

Fall signs that I have seen are cherry tree leaves falling, persimmons changing color, willow trees, rabbit tobacco, cataba trees and flaming maple, hundreds of Mullet jumping, faulty acorns dropping and lots of baby armidillos being killed.

Matt Neel and Josh Thompson won the Jack Wingate Thursday Night Big Fish Tournament with a 6.84-pounder. Beau Parker and Cole Thomas was second with a 5.6.

C&R was won by Don Brinson and Ryan Weathersby with 15.8pounds. Nic Jeter and Dawson Lenz took second and had Big Fish—a 4.95-pounder.

Fifteen bream was taken by 4-year-old Jaydyn Tyre on crickets. She was helped by her father, Paul Tyre.

Bream and shellcrackers showed up all week long in the shallow parts of the lake.

Crappie was taken most every day in the morning part of the day. Lots on jigs and some on bream busters.

Over 100 Channel Cats was taken this week by one man on wigglers.