Try this on for size

Published 7:37 pm Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunday’s night fireworks and the free concert given by the River Blue Band was a nice alternative in these leaner economic times.

In years past, the city would spend up to $30,000 to bring in country singers such as Jason Aldean (before he made it really big) and Danielle Peck. They were great concerts and attracted thousands into the Boat Basin, but just how much did it boost the local sales tax base? Enough to spend the money on?

On June 27, a patriotic celebration organized by Randall Terry and several other musical directors and pastors of Bainbridge’s churches was grand. In fact, they had asked the city if they could perform as part of the city’s Fourth of July event this year and received a ‘no’ response.

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How about next year, try this on for size—combining the city’s fireworks show and the patriotic celebration. It would be a good show and it won’t cost taxpayers a bunch of money we really don’t have.