Representing the federal government

Published 6:21 pm Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, told us that Congress must pass the health care bill so that the American people can see what is in it.

Well, they passed it and we are beginning to see what is in it.

According to a CNN Money article, “Section 9006 of the health care bill mandates that beginning in 2012 all businesses will have to issue 1099 tax forms not just to contract workers but to any individual or corporation from which they buy more than $600 in goods or services in a tax year.”

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An example given in the article was of a Laundromat owner who will be forced to send his soap supplier a 1099.  They expect to bring in more revenue by tracking down unreported income.

This raises a few questions.  What does this have to do with health care?

Did the so-called news media tell us that this mandate was in the bill?

Does Rep. Sanford Bishop know that this mandate is in the bill?

If so, did he ask for input from the business community before voting to make it the law of the land?

If this is tucked away in section 9006 of the health care bill, what surprises are in all the other sections?

What are the chances that our representative will actually start to represent the citizens of District 2 and not the federal government?

Tim RogersJakin, Ga.